There are options for your uncollected Judgment.  A-United will buy it from you or agree to service your Judgment on a contingency basis.  Either way, start collecting on your Judgment today!

Selling Your Judgment – Provide A-United with all the documents you have relating to your Judgment.  The more you have, the quicker it will take for A-United to review your Judgment and make a purchase offer to you.

Contingency Basis – A-United’s standard fee for collecting on your Judgment is 50%.  We do all the work and even pay for all the expenses upfront, but if we don’t recover, we don’t take a penny from you.

Blended Contingency – A-United will reduce its fee to 25% for collecting your Judgment, but you will need to pay for the expenses up front which can range from $500.00 – $1500.00 depending on the level of evasiveness of your debtor.